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Applied Behavioral Analysis for Autism Essay Example

Applied Behavioral Analysis for Autism Essay Example

To present an evidenced-based presentation to your peers regarding your chosen therapeutic modality (Applied Behavioral Analysis, specifically for autism patients.)

READ ATTACHED FILES Project guidelines are thoroughly explained, and a grading rubric is attached. I also attached my textbook. Behavioral Analysis for Autism

You will be required to design an educational workshop and present it to the class. Ideally, your workshop should provide your peers with an overview of the theory, principles, and techniques of your chosen psychotherapy. Your workshop must include:


3 Learning Objectives for your workshop
Brief historical summary
Critique the theory or model
Describe the major concepts/components of the theory
Determine the complexity of the theory (how elaborate or simple is it?)
Determine the scope of the theory (where does it stand along the continuum from grand theory to conceptual model?)
Discuses the usefulness of the theory or model (Can it be used to guide psychiatric nursing practice? If so, how?)
Description of the techniques for use
Evidenced based literature to support the utilization of the theory or model in specific populations
Lifespan issues with use of the theory or model
Cultural variations with use of the theory or model
Apply your chosen theory to a specific psychiatric population (i.e. Solution Focused therapy for work with youth with externalizing behavioral problems or MI for work with smoking cessation)
Define the chosen disorder/population
Epidemiology (incidence, prevalence, demographics)
Include screening tests or measures applicable to the disorder
Clinical Presentation and typical age of onset of the chosen disorder
Cultural Variations of clinical presentation and potential impact on treatment
Diagnosis  DSM-5-TR; Natural course of the disorder; Differentials
Treatment (Non-Pharmacological) Your chosen theory/model
Efficacy of the treatment theory/model
Alternative strategies for the disorder
Evidence for the treatment theory/model in the chosen disorder/population
Post 2 – 3 thought provoking questions regarding your therapeutic modality for your peers to respond to. Monitor the forums Monday – Friday and respond to any postings.


References: There is no set minimum number of references, but you must cite and reference all of your information. Use APA style. A citation belongs on the individual slide, whereas a full reference belongs at the end of the presentation. It is expected that you will use more than your Wheeler textbook I included this as an attachment. Peer-reviewed journal articles are appropriate for the “evidence-based literature” section. You may also cite official therapy websites such as the Beck Institute for CBT or the EMDR Institute for EMDR, etc.

Applied Behavioral Analysis for Autism Essay Example

Applied Behavioral Analysis for Autism Essay Example
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