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Hello, I need help with this assignment. I attached the assignment details and t


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Hello, I need help with this assignment. I attached the assignment details and topic proposal.
Here are additional details:
Happy Spring Break! I am writing to provide some additional details about the 2nd writing assignment (outline and data description).
1. The assignment is due on March 13th, and the expected length is 2-3 pages.
2. Basically, this assignment builds upon your assignment 1 and adds new stuff. Specifically, you need:
A clear introduction (1-2 paragraphs) describing your trade issue. You should clearly state your research question (E.g., how does X affect Y?), and then explain why it is interesting/worth studying. Tell us how you plan to study the question, and relate your question with the theories you’ve learned in class. Think of this introduction as the intro paragraphs in your final draft–if you do well this time, you can just use the content for your first draft and final draft!
A draft of your data section: this time, the expectation is higher than in assignment 1. You need to:Tell us the data source(s) you are using, the years of data you plan to use, and the variables you will use.
What is your Y variable? What is your X variable? What control variables (on the right hand side of the regression model) do you plan to use?
Plot your data: You can do the plot however you want (Excel, R, Stata, etc.). For this assignment, we won’t put too much emphasis on the plot. We will, however, run 1 or 2 workshops (after the spring break) on using RStudio to do empirical analysis, and we will have a higher expectation about your plot in assignment 3.
You can plot the relationship between X and Y using your data. Alternatively, you can plot the Y variable (e.g., Mexico’s export value of automobiles to the US) across time. Plotting the data gives us a better understanding of your dataset.
Your regression model: clearly write out your regression equation: Y=b0+b1x1+b2x2+……+error term. Tell us what’s your y, x1, x2 variables. Also tell us how you plan to interpret the results: e.g., what does b1 represent? how are you going to interpret the coefficients?
For this assignment, you don’t need to actually run the regression and produce the results (yet)–although you are welcome to do so if you want. What we really care about is that you have a well-built regression model, and you clearly describe the variables and the coefficients.
You can refer to the lecture slides on January 18th (Intro to Writing Project) for more details. Page 16 to 22 of the slides have the relevant information.
Here is the feedback I got from the topic proposal:
In terms of data sources: you listed several data sources. It’ll be great if you can also tell us which years of data you’d like to use. Also, you mentioned you will use “Restrictions and obstacles on the importation and exportation of cement, such as tariffs and trade barriers” as one of your variables. You can tell us what trade barriers, or what tariffs are you planning to study–be more specific about it.

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