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Improving Health Equity And Reducing Health Disparities Essay

Improving Health Equity And Reducing Health Disparities Essay

With each discussion (275 words or more ) Write :
Throughout the semester we discuss health and importance of clean water for hydration, cooking (nutrition) and water’s contribution to health outcomes (i.e. lead in water, contaminated water leading to diarrhea or fluoride in drinking water’s impact on oral health outcomes). Often we consider lack of clean water as a global health crisis but not necessarily a concern here in the US. However there are areas in the US that struggle with providing clean water access to its residents like Flint Michigan. Here is another state with a huge water crisis in some areas that may not be as well known. Please read the following article and write a response in your own words on the following article and comment on a fellow classmates response (there is also a link on the page to listen to the article as well if preferred). Improving Health Equity And Reducing Health Disparities Essay


Consider these thoughts ad you read and respond:
· What are your thoughts?
· How does Social determinants of Health and history play a part in the area of Alabama discussed in the article?
· Solutions are noted in the article, do you agree / disagree with the federal response to the water crisis? Improving Health Equity And Reducing Health Disparities Essay
· These resident are exposed to E coli and other microorganisms or parasites, if you were an NP practicing in the area, what would you advise your patients who are affected by this water issue?

Article: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/12/us/politics/infrastructure-environmental-racism-alabama-black-belt.html Improving Health Equity And Reducing Health Disparities Essay


According to the KFF, “Numerous states have implemented or considered actions aimed at limiting LGBTQ+ youth access to gender affirming health care. Four states (Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and Arizona) have recently enacted such restrictions (though the AL, AR, and TX laws all have been temporarily blocked by court rulings) and in 2022, 15 states are considering 25 similar pieces of legislation.”
Gender affirming care is defined as “a model of care which includes a spectrum of “social, psychological, behavioral or medical (including hormonal treatment or surgery) interventions designed to support and affirm an individual’s gender identity.”


Article: https://www.kff.org/other/issue-brief/youth-access-to-gender-affirming-care-the-federal-and-state-policy-landscape/

· What are your initial reactions and thoughts regarding the political legislation restricting access to gender affirming care?
· Will legislative restrictions have any long-term health implications for LGBTQ+ youth? Why or why not?
· What are current issues that LGBTQ+ youth experience with accessing medical care?
· As a future NP provider, explain your role in improving health equity and reducing health disparities for marginalized populations.

Improving Health Equity And Reducing Health Disparities Essay
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