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Nurse 481 week 7 Discussion Reply

Please Respond to this peer discussion post.

Kyleen’s Post –
For many individuals suffering with mental health illness the concept of recovery is about
maintaining control over one’s life rather than aiming to return to a previous level of functioning
before an illness (Jacob, 2015). The recovery model, a non-nursing theory, originated in the field
of mental health in the late 20th century. The model provides the framework for mental health
care emphasizing on the individual’s ability to take control of their lives and give it meaning. It
is believed that it is possible for individuals with mental illness to regain a meaningful life,
despite persistent symptoms (Jacob, 2015). Mental health professionals can provide patient-
centered care to foster empowerment by implementing and utilizing the recovery model.
Inpatient Mental Health Setting
The recovery model has found significant support in the mental health field (Lyon, 2023).
The model emphasizes enhancing individuals’ strengths, resources, and resilience instead of just
concentrating on their weaknesses. Within my present professional responsibilities, I have
directly encountered and implemented the recovery model and witnessed its beneficial impact on
individuals with mental illness. With this model in place nurses can collaborate with individuals
to set goals, develop and utilize coping mechanisms, foster open communication, provide active
listening, empathy, and create a supportive environment for patient-centered care. The model
promotes patient-centered interventions to achieve recovery goals. In my current area of practice
individuals attend group therapies where they can find peer support, of which is a cornerstone of
the recovery model. During the course of the individual’s inpatient stay they will be provided
with housing assistance, goals group, access resources, and setting goals while empowering
individuals in their journey of mental health recovery. The module is gaining attention and is
becoming a predominant form of mental health care with the idea it is possible to recover from a
mental health condition while the most effective recovery is patient-directed.
The recovery model is relevant to my area of practice on so many levels. I have
personally implemented empathy, run goals groups, provide active listening, assist with coping
strategies, as well educating standards provided by the recovery model. The model adds a new
level of care and allows individuals with mental illness to take control of their lives and give it
meaning (Jacob, 2015). Health care professionals can assist individuals with mental illness in
their recovery and empowerment journey by following this paradigm (Lyon, 2023). Collectively,
we have the power to impact the realm of mental health.




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Nurse 481 week 7 Discussion Reply
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