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Nursing Association (Chicago Chapter of National Black Nursing Association)


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There are a number of “Spheres of Influence” discussed in your initial readings: the community; the workforce & workplace; the government; and associations & interest groups.  In this discussion we will focus on Associations & Interest Groups.

  • Choose a nursing association (Chicago Chapter of National Black Nursing Association)
  • Discuss the mission and purpose of the organization
  • How is the organization governed?
  • What is its legislative agenda?
  • In your opinion, is the agenda relevant at this time?
  • Have you or would you join this organization? Discuss your rationale

nursing association (Chicago Chapter of National Black Nursing Association)

The Chicago Chapter of the National Black Nursing Association (NBNA) serves as a vital platform for African American nurses in the region. Its mission typically aligns with the broader goals of the national organization, which includes advocating for equitable healthcare, fostering professional development among Black nurses, and addressing healthcare disparities in underserved communities.

In terms of governance, the Chicago Chapter likely follows the structure outlined by the National Black Nursing Association, which involves a board of directors elected by members. This board oversees the strategic direction of the organization, manages finances, and ensures adherence to the organization’s mission and bylaws.

The legislative agenda of the Chicago Chapter of NBNA might focus on advocating for policies that address racial disparities in healthcare access, support initiatives to increase diversity in the nursing workforce, and promote cultural competency training for healthcare professionals. Additionally, they may advocate for legislation that addresses social determinants of health affecting the Black community, such as housing insecurity, education disparities, and economic inequality.

Considering the persistent racial disparities in healthcare outcomes and the ongoing need for diverse representation in the nursing profession, the agenda of the Chicago Chapter of NBNA remains highly relevant. Issues like healthcare access, workforce diversity, and culturally competent care continue to be pressing concerns in the healthcare landscape.

As for joining the organization, it would depend on individual circumstances and personal priorities. If someone identifies with the mission and values of the Chicago Chapter of NBNA, believes in the importance of advocating for healthcare equity, and seeks opportunities for professional development and networking within the Black nursing community, joining could be highly beneficial. Additionally, membership provides a platform to contribute to meaningful change within the healthcare system and support initiatives that align with one’s values and beliefs.

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