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Project Management for The Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

Project Management for The Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

Sonya Hash
RE: Discussion – Week 7 Initial Post Sonya Hash
Week 7 Discussion Initial Post

What Leadership Style Do You Need to Implement the Proposed Change?

The leadership style that best facilitates the implementation of this evidence-based practice is transformational leadership. I am empowering nurses by building capacity to make the change through education and resources. They need the necessary knowledge and skills to make the change, and to understand why it is important that this change occurs to improve patient outcomes (Bianchi et al., 2018; Castiglione & Lavoie-Tremblay, 2021; Dang, 2021). There is also a leadership element of “making it happen”, by working with leaders in collaboration with infection prevention to ensure they are informed of the expectations for practice to support their staff through education (Dang, 2021). I also feel I have a situational leadership style, providing more support and guidance when needed (Ken Blanchard Companies, 2022). Project Management for The Advanced Practice Nurse Essay


What Qualities Are Necessary to Implement This Proposed Change?

Passion for, engagement and commitment to the transformation, and collaboration with front line nurses and interdisciplinary colleagues is necessary to support translation of these practices into the nurse’s workflow (Bianchi et al., 2018). Team building, interdisciplinary collaboration, and communication skills are also essential to clearly communicate the plan, the purpose, any changes and results (White et al., 2021). Project Management for The Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

How Does This Leadership Style Connect With How You Will Disseminate the Results?

Transparency and clear communication to share information and coordinate efforts are key to successful translation efforts (White et al., 2021). My leadership style is collaborative and facilitative, and by providing information, I can continue to keep the team engaged and focused on the change (Harvey et al., 2020).

Considering Your Leadership Style What Do You Have and What Do You Need? Project Management for The Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

I believe that I am engaged, collaborative, and communicative, and committed to the project and translation. I think I can continue to improve upon my frequency of communication with nurse leaders when it comes to sustaining any gains from the change. Ongoing support is needed to maintain focus, and prevent slipping back to previous workflow. By continuing to monitor key performance indicators (CAUTI rates), this is be the metric to assess sustained improvement (Sipes, 2020). Project Management for The Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

Will You Need Additional Support for Implementation?

I will still need front line managers to remain engaged and committed to the improvement, to support and enforce the change in practice, and participate in root cause analyses when CAUTIs occur (Castiglione & Lavoie-Tremblay, 2021; Harvey et al., 2020). I will also need the ongoing support of infection prevention and quality to continue to provide the CAUTI rate data and root cause analysis data to monitor outcomes. Project Management for The Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

How Does Your Particular Style Apply to Your Proposed Change?

As previously described, I believe that my facilitative, transformative, collaborative, and communicative leadership style allows me to empower, communicate, and support nurses through education to translate new nursing practices to reduce CAUTI rates. Project Management for The Advanced Practice Nurse Essay




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Project Management for The Advanced Practice Nurse Essay
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