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Structural Theology of Sin Assignment

Structural Theology of Sin Assignment

hurman, Howard. Jesus and the Disinherited. Beacon Press, 1976. ISBN: 978-0807010297.

After completing the reading, answer (with nuance) the following questions. Answer each set of questions with depth in its own section, appropriately labeled (e.g., “Section 1”): Structural Theology of Sin Assignment


(1) Name the significant details about Jesus’ social location that help us understand his life, actions, and teachings in new ways. How might discerning his social location help us understand the ethical thrust of his life, actions, and teachings? What lessons might you learn as you seek to improvise faithfully from your social location?

(2) What does Thurman believe to be the historic racial “fear,” and how has it functioned within racial power structures? How do you think “fear” functions today in ongoing racial problems? Are there theological resources to cast out fear without ignoring the problems that create fear and the problems that fear might sustain? Structural Theology of Sin Assignment

(3) “Deception” deals with the invisible character of the race problem. What is this problem, according to Thurman? Evaluate it. How might a structural theology of sin account for the sincere invisibility of social “deception”? Do the Christian ethical resources of charity and wisdom offer a way forward through the invisible? Explain. Structural Theology of Sin Assignment

(4) Compare and contrast what Jacobs (reading from Week 2) had to say about Christian love with Thurman’s evaluation of hate and love on the particular structural issue of race. Evaluate.

The response essay paper needs to be three to four (3-4) pages and MLA formatted Structural Theology of Sin Assignment

Structural Theology of Sin Assignment
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