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Tina Jones Respiratory Shadow health

Tina Jones Respiratory Shadow health

Digital Clinical Experience Score: 100% This metric evaluates your performance on the Student Performance Index relative to peers in similar academic programs. The instructor has adjusted your Student Performance Index score, making the average 80.0%. Note that this score may not be final, as additional components like documentation or time spent may be included.

Student Performance Index: 31 out of 31 Proficiency Level: Proficient “Proficient” signifies an entry-level mastery of advanced practice competencies and clinical reasoning skills. In comparable programs, the top 25% of students operate at this proficiency level.

Subjective Data Collection: 21 out of 21 Objective Data Collection:

Respiratory System: 6 out of 6

Education And Empathy: 4 out of 4

Transcript: Started: May 14, 2020 | Total Time: 138 min

The simulation is set at Shadow General Hospital, with your role as a healthcare provider conducting a comprehensive respiratory exam on Tina Jones due to her history of asthma. Your evaluation focuses on Subjective and Objective Data Collection, emphasizing effective communication, comprehensive questioning, and examination skills.

Prepare for the exam by explaining the pathophysiology of asthma in 1-2 sentences.

You’ve gathered valuable information from Tina, including her medical history, current symptoms, and medication usage. Further examination and assessment activities have been conducted, such as inspecting and auscultating various chest regions, checking pulse oximetry, and examining the inhaler.

Educational components are included, covering the importance of elevating the head during sleep and ensuring inhaler adherence. Tina’s response to these instructions is positive.

In the medication review, Tina details her use of Tylenol and Advil, with clarifications on dosages and frequency. She reports no new allergies.

To understand the trigger factors for Tina’s recent asthma exacerbation, you inquire about exposure to dust, stairs, seasonal allergies, and work conditions. Tina mentions her sensitivity to dust but notes infrequent issues at work.

Tina’s follow-up with an asthma specialist is discussed, and you emphasize the importance of regular check-ups.

The assessment concludes with a table summarizing Tina’s asthma history, diagnosis age, hospitalizations, and specialist visits.

Time to begin the exam. Hello. My name is [Your Name], and I will be conducting the interview and physical examination.

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Tina Jones Respiratory Shadow health
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