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AHS 375 Ethics law in health

AHS 375 Ethics law in health

  1. Apply the AOTA Code of Ethics to Case 9–My Neighbor’s Keeper in the required text. (This case is different from the assigned reading.)
  2. Write a response to the following prompt: The AOTA Code of Ethics is broken down into three sections — Core Values, Principles, and Standards. Describe at lease one Core Value, Principle, and Standard from the code that would apply to the occupational therapist in the case. You must include at least one of each; however, you may write about more than one Core Value, Principle, and Standard.

Responses should be around 300-400 words. Students are expected to use at least one reference and may choose their standardized citation format; however, the citations do not count towards the word count. (Hint: this assignment will be difficult to complete without citing the AOTA Code of Ethics.) The case reflection rubric will be used to grade this assignment.

Requirements: 300-400 words

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AHS 375 Ethics law in health
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