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By employing Popple and Leighninger’s (2019) policy analysis framework, critical

By employing Popple and Leighninger’s (2019) policy analysis framework, critically analyse one of the policy cases presented in Module five.  The analysis should demonstrate the knowledge of the policy analysis framework and a chosen policy, and ability to apply that knowledge for the policy analysis.
This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
be able to critically discuss knowledge and skills of policy analysis and analyse policies.
be able to analytically explain changes and challenges in the field of social policy.
This essay allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the policy analysis framework and ability to transmit that knowledge on a chosen policy case. This process will help students develop critical thinking and analytical skills to enable them to independently begin policy practitioner roles.
Policy case study 1: Unemployment
Textbook: Bell, S., & Quiggin, J. (2021). Unemployment policy: Unemployment, underemployment and labour market insecurity. In A. McClelland, P. Smyth and G. Marston (Eds.), Social Policy in Australia: Understanding for action. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.
Employment or work plays an important role in our lives. Employment and unemployment are closely linked to social policy in Australia as it was once known as wage earners’ welfare state. Australian social policies have significantly focused on employment and work as if that is the full remedy for all other welfare needs and issues.  Employment structure is significantly changing in terms of gender, part-time employment, digital economy and a lack of wage growth. In this policy case study, Bell and Quiggin (2021) discuss that labour market disadvantage, unemployment, underemployment and market inequality continue to be critical problems. They suggest an opportunity for advocacy as “wages and incomes at the lower end of the wage and income distribution not only increase inequality but also slow economic growth and opportunity due to their effect on reduced consumption” (p.211). For the latest statistics, you may like to refer to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. By examining the labour market dynamics, they contend that under or hidden employment is the main issue as it leads to low income and related problems. Recognising the significance of employment and its links to reduced expenses on welfare measures, they look at employment policy options and debates. Taking into consideration the demographic trends such as labour force growth and ageing population, they suggest possibilities of labour and skills shortages, and therefore focusing on education and skill development is crucial. They also suggest to integrate economic development and social policies. Social investment policies and inclusive growth are necessary to tackle the problem of unemployment. 

By employing Popple and Leighninger’s (2019) policy analysis framework, critical
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