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Global Perspective on Health Care

Step 1: Conduct research

The World Health Organization (WHO) is “an organization of 194 Member States and works to support these Member States to achieve the highest standard of health for all people. Our staff working in countries advises ministries of health and other sectors on public health issues and provide support to plan, implement and monitor health programmes” (World Health Organization, 2024, para 4). Research the WHO’s ranking of the world’s health systems and discuss how the U.S. compares to other developed and developing nations.

Step 2: Post an initial response to the Discussion Forum.

In your post, address the following prompts:

  • What measurements are used by the WHO to determine health rankings?
  • How does the United States compare in health rankings with other developed nations?
  • How does the United States compare in health rankings with developing nations?
  • In your research, what did you find to be the two major differences between the healthcare system in a developing nation compared to the U.S. healthcare system?

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Global Perspective on Health Care
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