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Leadership Style Essay


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Leadership Style Essay

Discussion: Leadership Style
How does leadership style affect change?

No two leaders are the same, and no one leader can be effective for all issues. Leadership can be described by style, skills, and qualities. One leader may be incredibly effective in dealing with one issue or environment and struggle with a different issue or in a different environment. This struggle does not make the leader a poor leader, rather this illustrates that the style, skills, and qualities needed for a leader can vary based on the issue, environment, stakeholders, or other factors. Leadership Style Essay


For this Discussion, you will consider your leadership style and the impact of this style on the implementation. Consider what leadership style, skills, and qualities are needed for the implementation, and evaluate how your particular style aligns with the needs of the implementation.

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To Prepare
Review assessment of leadership sources from the previous course NURS 8504.
Explore the Learning Resources concerning leadership styles.
Identify the leadership style, skills, and qualities needed to implement the change.
Identify your leadership style, skills, and qualities.
Consider how leadership style affects change. Leadership Style Essay

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