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This Performance Task Assessment is a case-based study of a large urban hospital called Lockeport Medical Center

This Performance Task Assessment is a case-based study of a large urban hospital called Lockeport Medical Center located in Boston, Massachusetts. You have just obtained a key management position within the Lockeport Medical Center Human Resources Department and are charged with preparing a three-part report with recommendations specific to Lockeport’s geographic location and type of organization. You will consider the organizational goals and values of the organization, identify five or more specific job titles that represent the impact of Lockeport’s workforce environment, and directly address the needs as identified in organizational goals and align them to Lockeport’s organizational goals.


Access the following to complete this Assessment:

  • Case Details: Organization Description—Lockeport Medical Center
  • Job Requirements Matrix
  • Sample Job Description


This Assessment requires submission of three (3) files: a document for Part One; a slide presentation with audio narration for Part Two, and a Job requirements matrix template and document for Part Three. Save your files as follows:

This cased-based assessment has three-parts that all work together to create a recommendation to executive leadership.  Click each of the items below to complete this assessment.



Part I: Organizational Goals Analysis

  • Conduct an analysis of Lockeport’s organizational goals, identifying essential positions that align with those goals to ensure goals are achieved, and making reasonable recommendations for compensation strategies that are specific to the workforce trends and potential challenges of recruitment and retention for the geographic location and type of organization presented in the case. You have been asked to assist in aligning workforce capacity with the organizational needs of the organization in order to ensure delivery of cost-effective, high-quality healthcare. You must first become familiar with Lockeport Medical Center by reviewing the document “Organizational Description—Lockeport Medical Center and conduct your own research into the workforce conditions specific to healthcare workers and physicians that pertain to Lockeport. Based on your analysis of the workforce environment for Lockeport and the organizational description and goals you have developed and inferred from the case information, address the following: (2-4 pages)
    • Provide a brief and specific introduction to Lockeport Medical Center including a discussion of its geographic location and the anticipated advantages and challenges that it may experience related to workforce environment specific to that geographic location. Make sure to include any unique considerations that apply to this type of organization. Cite your research about workforce conditions relevant to the location and type of organization that describes Lockeport.
    • describe how the organization coordinates staffing. Explain how practices might differ based on the type of organization or the mission of the organization.
    • Infer five organizational goals of the Lockeport Medical Center and explain why the goals are essential to the operational success of this medical center. Create goals in your own words that best address the goals as outlined in the case.
    • Infer five values of the Lockeport Medical Center and explain what the values communicate about this organization.  Discuss values using specific language that relates to the case details about Lockeport’s location and the anticipated needs for this type of organization.
    • Describe five key employee traits or qualities relevant to and necessary to fulfill the described organizational goals that are specific to Lockeport, and explain how each key employee trait or quality is essential to achieve the organizational goals.
    • Insert an organizational chart that highlights 10 potential positions that align to specific organizational goals you have created.  Present a realistic and authentic organizational chart that illustrates where these potential positions would be placed within the chart showing realistic lines of reporting. The organizational chart needs to be realistic for the size and type of organization as described in the case.
    • Summarize by explaining how each of these positions will specifically help Lockeport Medical Center achieve its organizational goals.

**Introduction to Lockeport Medical Center:**

Lockeport Medical Center is a healthcare facility located in a rural area in the northeastern United States. The facility serves a small community in Lockeport and its surrounding areas. The geographic location of Lockeport presents both advantages and challenges related to the workforce environment.



  1. Close-knit Community: Lockeport’s small community fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among healthcare professionals, leading to strong relationships with patients and improved patient satisfaction.
  2. Lower Cost of Living: The rural location may offer a lower cost of living compared to urban areas, which could attract healthcare professionals seeking a more affordable lifestyle.
  3. Opportunity for Professional Growth: In a smaller healthcare facility like Lockeport Medical Center, employees may have the opportunity to take on diverse roles and responsibilities, leading to professional growth and development.



  1. Limited Talent Pool: The rural location of Lockeport may result in a smaller pool of available healthcare professionals, making recruitment and retention challenging.
  2. Access to Specialized Care: Patients in rural areas may face challenges accessing specialized medical services, putting pressure on Lockeport Medical Center to provide comprehensive care within its limited resources.
  3. Workforce Shortages: Rural areas often experience shortages of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, which can strain the capacity of healthcare facilities like Lockeport Medical Center.


**Staffing Coordination:**

Lockeport Medical Center coordinates staffing through a combination of hiring permanent staff, utilizing part-time or temporary employees, and engaging in strategic workforce planning. The organization may adopt flexible staffing models to adjust staffing levels based on patient demand and operational needs. Practices for staffing coordination may differ based on the type and mission of the organization. For example, a primary care clinic may prioritize continuity of care and long-term relationships with patients, while an urgent care center may focus on providing immediate access to care during extended hours.


**Organizational Goals:**

  1. **Improve Access to Care:** Ensuring timely access to healthcare services for residents of Lockeport and surrounding areas.
  2. **Enhance Patient Satisfaction:** Providing high-quality, patient-centered care to enhance satisfaction and loyalty among patients.
  3. **Optimize Operational Efficiency:** Streamlining processes and workflows to maximize resource utilization and minimize waste.
  4. **Foster Community Engagement:** Engaging with the local community to promote health education, prevention, and wellness initiatives.
  5. **Ensure Financial Sustainability:** Maintaining financial viability to support ongoing operations and invest in facility improvements and technology upgrades.


**Organizational Values:**

  1. **Compassion:** Demonstrating empathy and understanding towards patients and their families, recognizing their unique needs and circumstances.
  2. **Collaboration:** Fostering teamwork and cooperation among healthcare professionals to deliver integrated and coordinated care.
  3. **Integrity:** Upholding ethical standards and transparency in all organizational practices and interactions.
  4. **Innovation:** Embracing creativity and forward-thinking to adapt to changing healthcare landscapes and improve patient outcomes.
  5. **Community Focus:** Prioritizing the health and well-being of the local community and actively participating in community outreach and engagement efforts.


**Key Employee Traits:**

  1. **Clinical Competence:** Healthcare professionals must possess the clinical knowledge and skills necessary to deliver high-quality care to patients.
  2. **Communication Skills:** Effective communication is essential for building rapport with patients, collaborating with colleagues, and conveying important information.
  3. **Adaptability:** Given the dynamic nature of healthcare, employees must be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances and patient needs.
  4. **Empathy:** Demonstrating empathy towards patients and their families helps create a supportive and compassionate care environment.
  5. **Teamwork:** Collaboration and teamwork are vital for achieving organizational goals and delivering coordinated care across disciplines.


**Organizational Chart:**

[Please refer to the attached organizational chart]



Each position outlined in the organizational chart plays a critical role in helping Lockeport Medical Center achieve its organizational goals. For example, the Chief Medical Officer oversees clinical operations and ensures the delivery of high-quality care, while the Community Outreach Coordinator engages with the local community to promote health education and wellness initiatives. By aligning staffing with organizational goals and values, Lockeport Medical Center can effectively meet the healthcare needs of its community while fostering a culture of excellence, compassion, and innovation.

Part II: Compensation Methods

  • During your training for the management position you now hold at Lockeport, you learned that developing an effective compensation method is essential to a company’s employee turnover and retention. You also understand that factors that reduce turnover and allow for competitive recruitment are very different based on geographic location and by type of organization. For this slide presentation, you will prepare a brief and informative summary of your recommendations on the most effective compensation methods to achieve Lockeport’s goals. Your audience is the executive leadership for Lockeport, including its Board of Trustees. Create a 6-slide (not including references slide) presentation with audio narration to present to the executive leadership team. Your presentation should:
    • Describe at least three different compensation methods for support staff and at least two different compensation methods for physicians that would be options for Lockeport.
    • Describe two advantages and two disadvantages for each method you describe.
    • Recommend the one best compensation method to be used for physicians and the one best compensation method for support staff that are the most relevant and reasonable based on what you know about the workforce environment and organizational goals for Lockeport Defend why you made each recommendation.
    • In a summary slide, explain the impact of compensation on the recruitment of support staff and physicians at Lockeport Medical Center.

Certainly, here is a 6-slide presentation you can use to deliver your speech on compensation methods to the executive leadership team at Lockeport Medical Center:

Slide 1

Title Slide





Speaker Notes Good morning, esteemed members of the executive leadership team and Board of Trustees. Today, I’d like to discuss effective compensation methods to improve employee retention and recruitment at Lockeport Medical Center. Competitive compensation plans are crucial for attracting top talent and keeping our existing workforce engaged. Let’s explore various options.

Slide 2

Compensation Methods for Support Staff

  • Salary Model
    • Advantages: Predictable income, fosters stability and loyalty
    • Disadvantages: May not incentivize high performance, lessens cost-efficiency
  • Hourly Model
    • Advantages: Straightforward, reflects hours worked, ideal for part-time roles
    • Disadvantages: Can lead to income inconsistency, lessens employee engagement
  • Bonus Model
    • Advantages: Rewards high performance, motivates exceeding expectations
    • Disadvantages: Can be complex to administer, may create competition among staff

Speaker Notes There are several methods to consider for support staff compensation. Salary offers stability but may not incentivize peak performance. Hourly wages are clear-cut but lack long-term security. Bonus structures reward high achievers but can introduce complexities.

Slide 3

Compensation Methods for Physicians

  • Salary Model
    • Advantages: Predictable income, allows focus on patient care, good for recruitment
    • Disadvantages: May not incentivize high patient volume, can be costly for the hospital
  • Fee-for-Service Model
    • Advantages: Rewards productivity, financially incentivizes seeing more patients
    • Disadvantages: May prioritize quantity over quality care, discourages complex cases

Speaker Notes Physician compensation requires a different approach. Salaries offer stability but may not incentivize seeing more patients. Fee-for-service rewards productivity but can lead to prioritizing quantity over quality care.

Slide 4

Recommended Method for Support Staff: Hybrid Model




  • Hybrid Model: Base Salary + Bonus
    • Combines predictability with performance incentives
    • Encourages teamwork and collaboration among staff
    • Bonus structure can be designed to reward desired behaviors (e.g., patient satisfaction, efficiency)

Speaker Notes Given Lockeport’s goals, I recommend a hybrid model for support staff. It combines a base salary for security with a bonus that incentivizes desired behaviors, such as excellent patient service or exceeding efficiency targets. This fosters a culture of teamwork and motivates staff to go the extra mile.

Slide 5

Recommended Method for Physicians: Salary Model with Quality Bonus

  • Salary Model with Quality Bonus
    • Provides income stability and fosters strong patient relationships
    • Quality bonus incentivizes excellent patient care and adherence to best practices
    • Bonus metrics can be based on patient satisfaction surveys and clinical outcomes

Speaker Notes For our physicians, I recommend a salary model with a quality bonus. This ensures income predictability while also incentivizing the delivery of high-quality care. The quality bonus, measured through patient satisfaction surveys and adherence to best practices, motivates our physicians to deliver exceptional care while fostering strong patient relationships.

Slide 6

Impact of Compensation on Recruitment and Retention

  • Competitive compensation is critical for attracting and retaining top talent in the healthcare industry.
  • Well-designed compensation plans boost employee morale, engagement, and productivity.
  • Effective compensation strategies lead to a more stable and experienced workforce, ultimately benefiting patient care.

Speaker Notes In conclusion, offering competitive compensation is paramount to attracting and retaining top-tier staff and physicians at Lockeport Medical Center. Well-structured plans boost morale, engagement, and productivity. A stable and experienced workforce translates into exceptional patient care. By implementing the recommended hybrid model for support staff and the salary model with a


Part III: Job Description

  • As a final part of your three-part report for the executive leadership team, you will provide a job description that aligns with the goals of the organization for one of the specific and key positions you identified in Part I.
  • Complete the “Job Requirements Matrix” for one key position at Lockeport Medical Center.
  • Create a job description for the key position. (Use the sample “Job Description” as a guide.)

Job Requirements Matrix – Registered Nurse

Lockeport Medical Center

Job Requirement Essential (E) or Desirable (D) Weighting
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from an accredited institution E High
Licenses & Certifications
Current and unrestricted Registered Nurse (RN) license in the state of [State] E High
Basic Life Support (BLS) certification E Medium
Minimum 2 years of experience in a hospital setting E Medium
Experience in [Specialization] a plus D Medium
Strong clinical assessment and decision-making skills E High
Excellent communication, interpersonal, and collaboration skills E High
Proficiency in electronic health record (EHR) systems E Medium
Time management and organizational skills E Medium
Ability to prioritize and work effectively in a fast-paced environment E Medium
Deep understanding of nursing principles and practices E High
Comprehensive knowledge of relevant medical conditions and treatments E High
Proficient in sterile technique and infection control protocols E Medium
Commitment to providing compassionate and patient-centered care E High
Strong work ethic and ability to work independently and as part of a team E High

Please note: This is just a sample Job Requirements Matrix. The specific requirements for the position may vary depending on the specific needs of Lockeport Medical Center.

Job Description – Registered Nurse

Job Title: Registered Nurse (RN) – [Specialization]

Department: Nursing

Reports To: Nurse Manager

Job Summary:

Lockeport Medical Center is seeking a qualified and compassionate Registered Nurse (RN) to join our team in the [Specialization] department. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 2 years of experience in a hospital setting, with a strong preference for experience in [Specialization]. They will be a skilled and knowledgeable nurse with a passion for providing exceptional patient care.


  • Conduct comprehensive patient assessments to identify and document nursing needs.
  • Develop and implement individualized patient care plans in collaboration with the physician and healthcare team.
  • Administer medications and treatments as prescribed by the physician.
  • Monitor patient vital signs and clinical status, reporting any changes to the physician.
  • Educate patients and their families about their condition and treatment plan.
  • Document all nursing care provided in the electronic health record (EHR).
  • Maintain a sterile and safe environment to prevent infection control.
  • Collaborate effectively with physicians, other nurses, and healthcare professionals to ensure optimal patient care.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from an accredited institution.
  • Current and unrestricted Registered Nurse (RN) license in the state of [State].
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a hospital setting.
  • Experience in [Specialization] a plus.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) certification.
  • Strong clinical assessment and decision-making skills.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and collaboration skills.
  • Proficiency in electronic health record (EHR) systems.
  • Time management and organizational skills.
  • Ability to prioritize and work effectively in a fast-paced environment.
  • Deep understanding of nursing principles and practices.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of relevant medical conditions and treatments.
  • Proficient in sterile technique and infection control protocols.
  • Commitment to providing compassionate and patient-centered care.
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work independently and as part of a team.


Lockeport Medical Center offers a competitive benefits package that includes health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, retirement savings plan, paid time off, and more.

To Apply:

Please submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

EEO Statement:

Lockeport Medical Center is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.



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This Performance Task Assessment is a case-based study of a large urban hospital called Lockeport Medical Center
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