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This reflection essay is intended to help synthesize what you have learned throu


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This reflection essay is intended to help synthesize what you have learned throughout the course. You will be assessing case studies as a way to integrate course concepts. Most importantly, the goal is to identify your strengths and weaknesses in terms of our class content so you may “fill in the gaps” in your understanding as you move through the program.
Select three case studies, two of which should have been used in the Yellowdig discussion posts. Select case studies that align with your personal interests.
Please do the following, which may be used as the outline for your paper: 
Introduce your essay: Start by providing the context and background of your reflection, including introducing the case studies and emergency management phase you selected. This should be 2 paragraphs maximum.
Summarize your Case Studies: Briefly summarize each case study in a short paragraph highlighting the main components (i.e., what type of hazard, location, and people/property impacted). This should be 3 paragraphs, or about one page, maximum.
Discuss Emergency Management Phase(s): Choose one of the four phases of emergency management to focus on for your essay and describe how the different case studies managed this phase. Start by describing the phase and what it is, then document how the respective case studies “performed” during this phase.  This should be about 1-2 pages, maximum.
Reflect on the Case Studies: Reflect on what you found interesting, what you agreed or disagreed with, and any real world connections or thoughts you can integrate with the readings concepts from the course textbook. This should be about 1-2 pages, maximum.
Conclude: Wrap up your essay with the major highlights of your findings. This should be about 1 paragraph.
Reference Page: This will be a separate page. 
*You do not need to include a cover page or abstract.
To complete the assignment, you should follow these specific guidelines:
Write a 3000 word paper
Use a minimum of 5 sources (including course materials and case studies)
Use in-text citations according to the APA writing guidelines
Use Times New Roman 12pt font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins
You do NOT need to include a cover page, abstract, or table of contents
The tone of the essay should be technical, not in first-person.
Submit by uploading your file. Papers will be graded using the rubric.

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