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UCSF Diabetes Center


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Only create 5 slides with 1 minute narration for the following areas :
Leadership Analysis of Important Actors
And team effectiveness.

Attached is the criteria.

UCSF Diabetes Center: Catalyzing Collaborative Innovation is a case study that describes how a team determined the optimal way to catalyze collaboration and innovation at UCSF Diabetes Center, by using seed funds from a long-standing philanthropist. The case not only shows how the team members collaborated among themselves to develop the new initiative, but also how they came up with a simple mechanism to spark collaboration among the UCSF research scientists & clinical community. The (A) case ends with an eye toward the future as the team prepares to meet with the funding recipients. The (B) case provides news of what happened to the initiative after the first two funding cycles.

conduct an analysis of UCSF Diabetes Center: Catalyzing Collaborative Innovation. You will design a slide deck, 1 minute narration per slide
The objectives of this assignment are to demonstrate your ability to:
1. apply leadership theories, approaches, and practices to a case study,
2. examine one organization’s approach to enabling and catalyzing coordination and collaboration in a field traditionally populated with silos and where institutional incentives tend to drive individual behavior,
3. describe an organization in a value-based industry that is focused on the greater mission of saving lives and improving health,
4. provide examples of leaders whose goal is to engage others in collaboration and connect people in the service of innovation,
5. conduct a critical analysis, and
6. synthesize content into a concise oral presentation with visual slides.

1. Develop a critical analysis of the case study, drawing from course content to support your arguments.
2. Design your presentation slides. (See “Address these areas in your presentation” below.)

Address these areas in your presentation (these are not subheaders)

Frame the Big Picture
Leadership Analysis of Important Actors Compare the leadership styles of Matthias Hebrok, Jeff Bluestone, and Joanne Kagle. How would you describe their working relationship and its effect on the leadership of the UCSF Diabetes Center? What are the leadership strengths and weaknesses of each person? Use at least two (2) different leadership theories or approaches learned during weeks 1-10 (other than team leadership) to analyze the leadership of each of these important actors. Define and describe the relevant constructs first, then provide evidence from the case study to substantiate your claims.
Team Effectiveness? Oppose or support the argument that the Family Fund was successful in its endeavor. Assess the effectiveness of the team behind the Family Fund. Identify whether or not their practices relate to Hackman (2012) OR to Larson & LaFasto’s (1989) criteria of team effectiveness (See Northouse Table 16.1). Define and describe the relevant constructs first, then provide evidence from the case study to substantiate your claims.
Catalyzing Collaboration
Application to Other Settings



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